Reiki is an ancient energy medicine/healing touch modality that uses Universal Life Force, also known as chi or prana, by “laying on of hands”. The benefits of Reiki have been validated in several scientific studies. The effects of a session may be felt:

Physically: Deep relaxation and vitality.

Emotionally: Overall sense of well-being, reduced anxiety.

Mentally: Inner peace, letting go of self-limiting beliefs.


Please call Cristiane Scolfaro, Reiki Master,
to schedule your appointment # 505-508-8069


“Balance, Inspiration, Peace, Joy, Clarity. Regular Reiki sessions with Cris never fails to boost my well-being!”
– M.A.    

Cris possesses deep insight, intelligence, and intuition. She gives a loving deeply compassionate touch. While receiving Reiki from Cris, I feel a warm, safe, blissful sense of well-being. When the treatment has been completed, I feel balanced, whole, in harmony with myself.”  
– J.M.