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Dr. Stephen P. Weiss is committed to the best in alternative medicine and complementary healthcare for his patients. Dr. Weiss is a medical doctor and a classical homeopath. His alternative healthcare clinic is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr Weiss has decades of experience helping his patients regain their optimal health by blending the best of Western and Alternative Medicine, often referred to as Integrative Medicine.

“Imagine a world in which medicine was oriented toward healing rather than disease, where doctors believed in the natural healing capacity of human beings and emphasized prevention above treatment. In such a world doctors and patients would be partners working toward the same ends.” – Andrew Weil, MD


This page explains what to expect on your first visit with Dr. Weiss and how you can benefit most from your appointment with him. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NEW PATIENT FORMS FOR WOMEN. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NEW PATIENT FORMS FOR MEN. For PEDIATRIC FORMS (patients 11 years old and younger), please click here. Please be sure to read and complete the New Patient Forms before seeing Dr.Weiss. Please bring your forms with you on the day of your appointment.

Unlike many other Western Doctors, Dr. Weiss spends time getting to know you. During your first visit, we will review your complete medical history, address your concerns, and order any tests, if necessary. Dr. Weiss is a board certified medical doctor and is required to obtain a complete medical history during your first visit, this will form the basis for future appointments. Occasionally, simple problems can be treated in the first visit; however, most patients need one or more additional appointments for treatment.

• For complex issues, we recommend that you schedule an additional one-hour appointment 10 days after your initial visit so that we have enough time to receive test results for your second appointment.

• For a homeopathic appointment, we recommend scheduling a1 ½ hour appointment after your initial visit.

• If you have chronic and long standing health problems, you will need to make a 90 minute appointment for your first visit.

• If you have Cancer and are not in remission, you will need to make a 120 minute appointment for your first visit.

• All follow-up visits with Dr. Weiss are at least half an hour.

Please see the fee schedule below.

Your treatment plan might include a follow-up with your own Personal Care Physician (PCP) or another medical specialist, diagnostic testing, recommendations for lifestyle changes, a homeopathic work-up and/or homeopathic or herbal remedies or supplements.


During your new patient appointment with Dr. Weiss, the option of homeopathic treatment may be discussed. Given that homeopathic medicine places a high value on the importance of individualization of treatment, Dr. Weiss requires at least 90 minutes for a homeopathic workup to determine which remedy best fits the totality of your condition.

Although some conditions may have similar general symptoms, often specifics of these conditions differ and may result from different causes. Homeopathy recognizes this and therefore treats illnesses in an individualized way as much as possible. Dr. Weiss may inquire into the personality traits or seemingly less related common complaints of patients in order to get an overall sense of the workings of the patient’s body, all of which is inter-connected.

If you know you want homeopathic care from the start, please discuss this in your first appointment with Dr. Weiss. For more information about homeopathy, please click here. Dr. Weiss suggests you write a comprehensive list of your symptoms and what makes them better or worse. For example, does lying down make you feel better? Do you feel worse in the morning? etc. Take some time to think about your symptoms before your appointment. This information will be useful in finding the right homeopathic remedy for you.

In order to hold a new patient appointment, you will be asked to provide us with a valid credit card number and expiration date. We found it necessary to implement this policy due to last minute cancellations and a long wait list of patients in need for an appointment time. Your card will not be billed unless we fail to receive 2 business days (48 hours) notice for a cancellation. We have a 1 business day (24 hours) cancellation policy for established patients.

Please Note: Our office is closed on Fridays. Monday appointments must be cancelled the Wednesday prior to the appointment to avoid cancellation fees.

Dr. Weiss does not currently contract with any insurance. All patients must pay for their appointment on the day that services are rendered, unless prior arrangements are made. Please review the price list for 2011 below. If you have health insurance with out of network benefits, we will gladly provide you with a receipt and claim form so that you can submit it to your insurance company. If you are concerned about whether your insurance company will reimburse you for your appointment with the doctor, we encourage you to call your insurance company and ask about your out of network benefits. Many of our patients are reimbursed for their visits with Dr. Weiss.

Dr. Weiss does not contract with Medicare.
This means that if you are a Medicare patient, Dr. Weiss cannot bill Medicare for any services rendered. Labwork that Dr. Weiss orders will generally be covered by Medicare if there is medical necessity for the tests performed.
If you are a Medicare patient and would like to schedule appointment with Dr. Weiss, please contact our office at 505-872-2611 for more details.
We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

We accept cash, check or Visa, Mastercard or Discover. At this time, our office does not accept American Express.

All prices listed below include the New Mexico Sales Tax

– 60 Minute New Patient Appointment $279

– 90 Minute New Patient Appointment $417

– 120 Minute New Patient Appointment (For patients with chronic, long standing health problems and cancer patients) $555

– 30 Minute Follow Up Appointment for Established Patients $128

Please note that….

Payment is due at the time of your appointment unless prior arrangements have been made.

Many insurance plans can pay a percentage of your costs of coming to see Dr. Weiss if you have out of network benefits. Please call your insurance company for more information.

Initial Homeopathic Consultations require a great deal of Dr Weiss’ time and are more costly up front, but the price of the remedies is relatively inexpensive, compared to the cost of many drugs and supplements, so the initial expense can be partially offset by savings in treatment costs.

Here is a list of what to bring to your first appointment:

1. Completed New Patient Forms for Women. New Patient Forms for Men. New Patient Forms for Pediatrics.

2. Copies of any recent or relevant labs and/or x-rays, MRI’s or test results, etc.

3. Names and telephone number of doctors or specialists you have seen in the last year (in case Dr. Weiss needs to request your medical records)

4. A list of all of the supplements or medications (including doses) that you are currently taking.

Whether your goal is to reduce or eliminate pain, find an alternative to pharmaceuticals drugs, or improve your quality of life, Dr. Weiss’integrative approach to health lets you have the best of both worlds – conventional medicine and safe, proven complementary therapies. The partnership you form with Dr.Weiss will empower you to make decisions about your health and well-being. Dr Weiss is happy to work with your primary care physician or specialist to get you on the right track.

Please call us at 505-872-2611 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Weiss.

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